Whipspider Rubberworks’ Ghost: The Loving Dead

The Whipspider Rubberworks Ghost dildo is one of those toys to which people have an interesting reaction the first time they see it. Whether that reaction is shock or excitement, it’s definitely a memorable and eye-catching toy.

A 6-1/8” long and 1-5/8” diameter dildo with a base suitable for a strap-on harness, the Ghost is one of the more uniquely-shaped toys on the market. A mournful silicone skeleton with very detailed bones from head to fingertips, fading into graveyard mist, the Ghost is available in Tombstone (a bluish gray) or Red Velvet (a sanguineous deep red). It even glows in the dark! It’s an interesting toy to watch in use, either on the giving end of a strap-on or watching your partner engage in solo play. And regardless of how unusual it may look, the real surprise is how good it feels! It was such an interesting sensation, it was almost creepy!

The silicone itself is smooth, almost like a pearl, and just the right balance between pliable and rigid. It has just a little give when squeezed or bent out of its curvy sculpted shape, but is hard enough to vigorously thrust. It fits well into a harness, although the base isn’t very much wider than the toy and the bottom of the toy above the base is wider than the top. This means that there may need to be some trial and error with the correct ring size, and sessions will have to be slower and more sensual. With all the texture of the dildo though, slow and sensual may be the way to go anyways! The Ghost is even available with a cavity in the bottom for a bullet vibe, though Whipspider does caution that without the vibe, the toy may lose some rigidity towards the bottom, another consideration for strap-on use. The best feature about this toy, however, is the texture of the skeleton.

The skull-shaped head is smooth and round on every side but the “face”, which has deep eye sockets as well as a nasal cavity and sculpted teeth. This area of the skull feels pretty amazing tickling and rubbing against the G-Spot (or prostate) while the smoother sides of the head are gliding around the rest of the vagina. The toy is also curved to facilitate G- and P-Spot stimulation. The smooth sides of the head also feel really nice rubbing on the clit and around the opening of the vagina or anus, especially if the area is well-lubed. It feels like a cool, curvaceous “Last Caress” (Gotta throw in a Misfits reference there, folks!). The bones of the skeleton’s body feel just rough enough, almost like ridges or ripples, to give stimulation on sensitive tissue. And the spined back is a lot like a more textured version of the ridge on the underside of a penis, with each vertebrae articulated in silicone. If the texture is too intense, a little extra non-silicone lube, especially one with a thicker texture (gel or silk), will do the trick to cut down on friction. And speaking of lube, the deep eye sockets of the skull and the indentations in the sculpted bones catch lube and other fluids, so the toy can sort of trap lube; rather than reapplying more lube, you can just redistribute the lube that is already on the toy. Some may find that this toy is too deeply ridged for their liking when used anally, and some may love that exact feature.

Whipspider Rubberworks is a Maine-based toy company that specializes in nature- and fantasy-inspired silicone pieces. Their line includes products like the Tentacle dildo (reminiscent of an octopus tentacle), Island Explorer anal plug (designed to look like the statues on Easter Island), and MORE! Since each toy is handmade, colors may slightly vary from item to item, but rest assured that their products are all high quality and highly creative! Be sure to avoid using silicone lube with The Ghost, as it will render the toy permanently sticky and possibly worse. Silicone is durable and non-porous, and is easy to clean with soap and water or toy cleaner. It can even be boiled or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Halloween may have passed, but it doesn’t mean that it has “cum” and gone for good! The Ghost will keep it creepy and creative all year round, providing sensations that are eerily erotic. Take it from me: this toy gives new meaning to having a “boner”!


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